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If you put in a password on your PAP2T, it will now ask you for a username and password the next time that you login. Just use user and/or admin as the usernames for the User Login and/or Admin login respectively plus the corresponding password that you created for User and Admin logins.

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Linksys PAP2T Phone Adapter . The Linksys Internet Phone Adapter enables high-quality feature-rich VoIP (voice over IP) service through your broadband Internet connection. Just plug it into your home Router or Gateway and use the two standard telephone ports to connect analog phones or use one of the ports for a fax machine. … Click on the …

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YOJ, I think you are confused with PAP2 and a regular Linksys router. There are two master passwords to reset PAP2. Dial 73738# Password: 7756112# or 8995523#

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I have a PAP2T sn# FLI00L317569 that I purchased at eBay. The device was advertised as a PAP2T-NA. When I received it it is labeled as Sparrow I can't login to admin to reset the device because there is an admin password in place.

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Most other Linksys and Sipura VoIP products (such as the SPA-xxxx series) are based on the same software as the Linksys PAP2; so you may also use the PAP2 setup guide to assist you with those products as well. The information below is based on the PAP2 firmware version 3.1.3(LS); although most other older and newer versions will look very similar.

How to configure a Linksys PAP2t for VoIP.

Settings- Cisco/Linksys PAP2t. The Cisco/Linksys PAP2T is a very popular 2 line Internet Phone Adapter or ATA device which can be connected up to your router. An analog phone can be connected to each of the two phone ports and if enabled with your VoISP the Cisco/Linksys PAP2T will support both lines. … Click on the "Admin Login" button near …

Linksys PAP2 Default Router Login and Password

Find the default login, username, password, and ip address for your Linksys PAP2 router. You will need to know then when you get a new router, or when you reset your router.

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2-For Admin Login: Username is "admin" and password is blank. 3-Reset password: To Reset PAP2-NA to factory default: press **** and Dial 73738# ,when prompted for a password use. 8995523# or. 7756112# or. 5465866# or. 50274537# or 78196365# One of these numbers should work for you. Related post.

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The Linksys PAP2T is a SIP protocol internet phone adapter (called ATA, Analog Telephone Adapter) and can work with many VoIP service providers to give cheap international and local US telephone …

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