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If you've experienced an issue accessing wrike.com, you can view your Wrike data here. Please visit our Help Center for any additional information or assistance.


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Wrike has three different account types and three different license types, find details about each of them here. Work Views. Work Views (Timeline, Table, etc.) provide different ways to see the tasks in a Folder or Project. Monitoring Panel.


Wrike for Windows and Mac (Desktop App) – Wrike Help portal

Wrike's desktop app is available on Windows and Mac for all user types (including Collaborators) on all account types. ⏱ 3.5 min read Overview Compatible Operating Systems Install Wrike's Deskto…


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Single Sign On (SSO) Use your corporate identity to log in to Wrike. This feature must be enabled by Wrike administrator in your organization. Log In. Login with Wrike password Learn more about SSO …


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Admins can log in as a different user to see what content someone else could see/access, to help set up Wrike, or to troubleshoot. When you (an admin) log in as another user, you. … (two user IDs appear for the login event where an admin logs in as someone else). …



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Wrike for developers – Getting Started

Overview. Wrike API v4 is a new generation of Wrike API built for improved security and scalability. The main difference between Wrike API v4 and v3 is that the new version can access data from only one account at a time.


Wrike – Wikipedia

Wrike has an optional feature set called "Wrike for Marketers" which has several tools for managing marketing workflows. According to Wrike's website, these tools include intake forms, proofing and approval, and document versioning. In May 2012, Wrike announced the launch of a freemium version of its software for teams of up to 5 users.


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