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Provides the server function for the rlogin command. Syntax. Note: The rlogind daemon is normally started by the inetd daemon. It can also be controlled from the command line, using SRC commands. /usr/sbin/rlogind [ -a ] [ -c ] [ -l ] [ -n ] [ -s ] Description. The /usr/sbin/rlogind daemon is the server for the rlogin remote login command. The …

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Can someone explain what the difference between the rlogin and login settings are for an account.. We have an account thats set up with the below. I'm not sure if rlogin=false means that you can only | The UNIX and Linux Forums

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Linux rlogin command help and information with rlogin examples, syntax, related commands, and how to use the rlogin command from the command line.

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The /usr/bin/rlogin command logs into a specified remote host and connects your local terminal to the remote host. The remote terminal type is the same as that given in the TERM local environment variable. The terminal or window size is also the same, if the remote host supports them, and any changes in size are transferred. …

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RFC 1282, in which it was defined, states: "The rlogin facility provides a remote-echoed, locally flow-controlled virtual terminal with proper flushing of output." rlogin communicates with a daemon, rlogind, on the remote host. rlogin is similar to the Telnet command, but is not as customizable and is able to connect only to Unix-like hosts. rsh

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Rlogin starts a terminal session on a remote host host. -e The -e option allows user specification of the escape character, which is ‘‘~’’ by default. This specification may be as a literal character, or as an octal value in the form nnn. A line of the form ‘‘<escape char …

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I am writing a script to do rlogin to another system and execute commands on the remote system, i can successfully login to the remote system but the commands are not sent. i can only use rlogin to ge | The UNIX and Linux Forums

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rlogin. The rlogin (remote login) program was a tool for remotely using a computer over a network. It could be used to get a command-line on a remote computer. It has since been superceded by ssh.Everyone who still has rlogin enabled is encouraged to immediately disable it for important security reasons.. The rlogin tool was introduced in BSD Unix in the 1980s.

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Not sure what you mean by the root level. Any user can have an .rhosts file and it must be in the user's home directory and it must be owned by the user and it must have permissions of 600. And it has to be on the remote system you are trying to rlogin to because that's the system that has to allow the rlogin — not the system you are currently on.

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Hi, We have 2 AIX , 6.1 and v5.3 . There are few support users where copy files from v6.1 to v5.3 using "rcp" and able to run "rlogin" But, all remote access are blocked at /etc/hosts.equiv and doesn't exists any .rhosts at v5.3

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