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Apache ActiveMQ™ is the most popular open source, multi-protocol, Java-based messaging server. It supports industry standard protocols so users get the benefits of client choices across a broad range of languages and platforms.

Security – ActiveMQ

Typically you configure JAAS using a config file like this one and set the system property to point to it. If no system property is specified then by default the ActiveMQ JAAS plugin will look for login.config on the classpath and use that. Authentication Example


The ActiveMQ Web Console is a web based administration tool for working with ActiveMQ. When used with the JMX support it can be an invaluable tool for working with ActiveMQ. Running the Web Console on ActiveMQ 5.0 or later. We have integrated the Web Console into the binary distribution.


The ActiveMQ Artemis append-only journal comes in several different flavors. For the ultimate in performance and reliability AIO on Linux is supported via a small JNI library. For even better performance with a slight decrease in reliability in the case of hardware failure a Memory Mapped option is available.

Apache ActiveMQ ™ — Web Console

Running the Web Console on ActiveMQ 5.0 or later. We have integrated the Web Console into the binary distribution. So Download a binary distribution then follow the instructions for Version 5 Run Broker.Then you can point your web browser at the URL

How do I change the logging – Apache ActiveMQ

FAQ > Using Apache ActiveMQ > How do I change the logging. How do I change the logging. We use slf4j to log information in the broker client and the broker itself so you can fully configure which logging levels are used and whether to log to files or the console etc.

ActiveMQ – User – ActiveMQ Defaul admin password change

ActiveMQ Defaul admin password change. Hello, I have ActiveMQ 5.11.1 I am trying to change the default password for the Web Console. I have this setting enabled in the jetty.xml file. I…

Getting Started – Apache ActiveMQ – Apache Software Foundation

Introduction. This document describes how to install and configure ActiveMQ 4.x/5.x for both Unix and Windows' platforms. Document Organization. The Getting Started Guide for ActiveMQ 4.x document contains the following sections:

ActiveMQ vs RabbitMQ | Top 15 Differences to Learn with …

Difference Between ActiveMQ vs RabbitMQ. ActiveMQ vs RabbitMQ is the popular open-source message brokers. The message broker supports the telecommunication system by helping the computer to interact with each other by sharing the defined messages to various applications. the message broker helps to convert the format of the sender’s message to the format of the receiver’s standard.

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